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Jewelry is not just for special occasions. Wearing the right type of jewelry that suits you and your outfit will help you look amazing every day. Whether looking for something special or a broad selection of everyday jewelry to enhance your look and feel, come see Sunshine's ever-expanding jewelry selection.


Silver Forest of Vermont ~ A wonderful line of handcrafted earrings with incredible detail in design and workmanship.


It's My Journey lockets ~ Make your own necklace by filling one of the magnetized locket styles with small charms to express whatever story you wish to tell.


DaVinci bracelets and necklaces ~ Create your own masterpiece using a wide variety of beads and bangles to display your own unique look on silver chains or bracelets.


Chavez for Charity ~ Look great wearing these enchanting beaded bracelets of different colors and styles. This is a beautiful line developed by mariechavez jewelry with 25% of profit going to the color-designated charity!


Trust Your Journey ~ Three women, survivors of different life traumas, came together through their belief in the importance of trusting your journey, whatever it may be. They have created a jewelry line to celebrate this outlook.


Lulii Blu ~ Beautiful jewelry created by a local resident who creates intricate designs using stones, beads, yarns, metals, etc.  An interior designer until cancer got in the way, she started jewelry-making as therapy, then turned it into this unique line of jewelry. Sunshine is honored to be the first to carry Theresa's handmade jewelry line.




Beautiful Jewelry for All Occasions

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