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Searching for a perfect gift for someone special? Sunshine has an abundance of unique gift items for any occasion or special person, including yourself! We search for products that you won't find in every other store, such as . . .


Cocktail Napkins & Guest Towels ~ choose from a wide variety of napkins and guest towels, both humorous and attractive.


Sunshine is thrilled to be a baggallini dealer ~ the ultimate in women-friendly purses. They are beautiful, practical, feature lightweight, easy-to-care-for materials and amazing organization.


A slice of Finchberry Soap is a unique gift for the person who loves special and unique things. A slice, swirled and decorated like a fancy cake, creates a wonderful blend of beauty and fragrance.


More wonderful fragrances are created with Candle Warmers, Etc. Their candles can be burned normally, or set into a lantern with a light bulb that melts the candle from above, providing long-lasting fragrance without a flame.


A great new product is nufoot to comfortably protect your feet indoors. Wear them in your home, an airplane or hotel, doing yoga or pilates. Even better than bare feet.


Love to keep your house clean with streak-free results and without using chemicals? e-cloth is your answer! Come see the variety of e-cloth items we carry. A spritz of water and the cloth will clean without streaks. Yes, they really do work!


Gifts Galore!



These are just a few of the ever-changing items we carry for our customers to appreciate.